From the moment I was born, the party began! My parent’s home had a “collection” of people that were always a part of every celebration. Whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, religious events, school plays, concerts etc., there was always a celebration! All who were invited were treated like royalty and had a wonderful and memorable time. Growing up in this type of environment has inspired me to continue what my parents taught me, that life is too short not to celebrate! I have planned not only personal parties, but have experience in corporate planning, and coordinating fundraising events. I have created Leave It To “T” to allow me to use all of my life’s experiences and to apply them to help people take pleasure in celebrating life .

I enjoy working with my clients so much, that a good portion of them have become my dearest friends! The most gratifying moments I have experienced as a party enthusiast, is not only having the host or guest of honor tell me it was the best party ever, but having their guests express what a spectacular time they had. To create is to celebrate, and I look forward to continuing to do so.